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This space is reserved for relaxation after your dog has had a long day of play with other canine guests. Staff will only encourage down time in this pen (including massages, brushing of the coat and plenty of cuddles). 



  • Lavender & Bergamot Mist Diffuser

Just as aromatherapy can benefit humans both physically and psychologically, it can also benefit our dogs. With it's relaxing scent, lavender essential oil is soothing to our dog's central nervous system. We only use DoTerra Essential Oils, the best essential oil company that is thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Gradeยฎ quality protocol that is safe for pets.

  • Classical Low Tempo Music

Many research has found that classical music does calm our canine friends, which we play throughout the daycare. 

  • Off the Ground Beds

Relaxing beds to ensure our canine guests are comfortable after a long day of play.

  • Mandela Art

Of course, it isn't a Zen Zone without mandalas to create positive energies to the environment for our canine guests.  

  • Full-time Supervision

Dog leaders chillax with our canine guests through calming interactions, in addition to making sure everyone is safe and happy at all times.

  • Exceptional Hygiene Standards

Play areas are constantly cleaned throughout the day by our daycare staff with the highest eco grade veterinary hospital cleaner.

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