At Bones & Harmony we truly run on the harmony of the pack, and not on transactions. Our dedicated team loves your dog as much as you do, with a wonderful family bond created with our dear paw-parents.


Mindfulness for our Canine Guests

  • Temperament, not size - Our canine guests are grouped by their personality, never on size. We believe all dogs can be friends with all breeds and sizes

  • Temperament Test - Strict on which dogs to take in, we believe in harmonious pack for our canine guests at daycare

  • Mental Enrichment - Dogs need mental stimulation, as well as physical exercise. A dedicated Mind Booster Pen, to allow for mental enrichment games

  • Rotating Pens - To ensure our canine guests are enjoying physical exercise and mental enrichment from all play pens

Mindfulness for our Community

  • Dog Therapy - Giving back is important to our daycare. We volunteer once a week to the Brotherhood of St Laurence Age care home to bring joy to residences through our dogs

  • Donation - Some dogs aren’t as lucky as ours. Bones & Harmony donate to BARC (Bali Animal Rehabilitation Centre) to fully vaccinate two puppies in need each month

  • Experienced Dog Carers - Our team is what makes our doggy daycare. We love your dog like our own and treat each dog with individual needs

  • Community - We enjoy watching our canine guests grow up, as much as growing with your family. B&H is strong on building a family bond w/ our paw-parents

Mindfulness for You

  • Piece of Mind - Trust is all we have. See what our paw-parents have to say about us on Google Reviews

  • Insta-Stories - Sharing how much your dog loved doggy daycare is our joy too. Watch Insta-Stories of your furry friend of cute updates throughout the day

  • Paw-Bath - Every little paw is washed to ensure they come home smelling like roses! Plus doggy cologne, for that extra service

  • Doggy Valet - No need to park. Let the team escort your furry friend into doggy daycare for a fun day ahead





Every day is a leg day in here!

With a tunnel to zoom in, jump hoop, podiums and endless toys. It's a fun place to play to be in for any canine guest. 


Mind booster Pen

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical play.

Challenging and fun mental games teaches our dogs to share and work as as a team. They also chill out, to DOGTV.


zen zone

A Zen space that is created for relaxation after a long day of physical play.

Chill out with scents of DoTerra Lavender and classical music as our canine guests sleep on one of our many off-the-ground beds.

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