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Our canine guests will enjoy lots of play time with dogs of the same temperament (not size), to encourage socialisation and exercise with dogs of all breeds and sizes. 


  • Rubberised flooring

We use rubberised flooring that provides the greatest benefit to your dog, by absorbing the shock to the joints of repetitive jumping and romping around. 

  • Dognasium gym

Includes custom dog hoop, dog tunnel, podium and personal trainer for dogs who need a little extra exercise.

  • Aussie Dog sling

Suspended 3 meters from the ceiling, it is one of the best toys for even the most active dogs and especially ones who loves a game of tug-o-war.

  • Relaxing down-tempo/chill music

Emanates throughout the entire day care, creating a relaxing environment for canine guests.

  • Full-time supervision

Dog leaders play and interact with our canine guests, in addition to making sure everyone is safe and happy at all times.

  • Top hygiene standards

 Play areas are constantly cleaned throughout the day by our daycare staff with the highest eco grade veterinary hospital cleaner. 

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